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Inside lumino platform

Inside the Lumino Platform.

Within Lumino, users have access to a host of integration features that increase automation and communication between the systems they use most - alleviating the need for manual data entry, allowing for quicker logistics and response times, faster data transmission, and increased efficiency.

Our powerful set of tools have been developed with you in mind. We work directly with clients to construct the features they need most. Intuitive and indispensable controls are always just a click away, so that you can analyze and act on critical business data when you need it.

Customizable Data Sets

Data Rules Designer

Configurable System Connectors

Monitoring and Alerts

Data Analytics Tools

The tools You need

Built with you in mind.

Our groundbreaking iPaaS Platform provides intuitive functionality, data analytics, and user-managed integration control for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Say goodbye to those outdated and expensive custom integrations with our ONE user-managed solution.

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