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Lumino Activation Service is an implementation program for your integration ecosystem, made up of four main stages to facilitate an efficient and streamlined launch of the Lumino Product.


Building of the Instance, Endpoints, and Data Sets with Bi-Weekly updates.


Configuring Portal Users, Security and Portal Management Training.


Pairing Systems, Data Sets, Alerts, and Analytics by Development Team.


Launching Design Review, Testing, Product Initiation and Support.

How it Works

An Ariox Product Specialist will guide you step by step through each stage of Activation, starting with your Lumino Design Review. Once our team has gotten to know your unique needs, the configuration of the Lumino Platform and system pairing will begin.

Upon setup completion the implementation team will provide platform functionality training and introduce you to our support staff after completion of your launch.

Next Gen iPaas
Next Gen iPaas

Why it Works

Lumino Activation provides the resources that enable you to fast track the completion of your integration ecosystem. Your platform configuration, system pairings, and data requirements are all gathered and executed by our expert team, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Education and ongoing support empower your team to manage data and take ownership of your integrations and systems.

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